my last reflection!!!

yeees,this is my last reflection.From the beginning of the lesson to lesson of today,i learned a lot of thing about such as name of new sites,blogs,video maker programmes,video sites,using mobile applications,using online communities,pb works,wiki,prezi,wizIQ,nicenet,to make digital story,using wordpress,g-mail,weebly,twitter,facebook…..I signed up these all sites,i had o lot of account,i learned a lot of information about internet world,i prepared a site for my final project.This lesson showed me that i should have learned more things about internet that i guessed before,now i think that i should never trust on my internet knowledge because it is a living thing it changes everyday,so i need to improve my knowledge everyday.Also,for my teaching life i should use these sites for an effective teaching,they are very beneficial sites,and all i learned in this lesson are very beneficial information ;)))

Digital story telling….

hello guys,yesterday we learned some websites about story telling.They are movie maker,,story jumper.Next week we will do a digital story using movie maker and we will use story jumper,also.I know using movie maker,but i heard others,yet.good luck to all of you,i will do my best using the other sites 😉 see you next week….

the goal of using some websites…

today,the teacher talked about skype,twitter,facebook…He asked to the class who doesn’t use these websites and there was some people.Then,he asked why don’t you use these websites….as an answer he explained their goals…we were chatting about websites and i enjoyed at this lesson,we won’t meet next week because of the 1 may holiday,see you at next task…

wizIQ and nicenet using…

last week we mentioned about wizIQ and nicenet.Then,i signed up wizIQ,nicenet and prezi last week.I searched for nicenet.We learned how to use wizIQ in our lesson,how to do our lesson as a teacher over the wizIQ.WizIQ’s board is amazing,we can allow our students to use board.We can write or draw on the board,we can display our powerpoints over the wizIQ,it is an interesting website,i liked it very much…i will observe the nicenet a little bit this week….

final project with Prezi…

10.04.13 this week,we learned how can we use prezi in our final projects,i observe prezi and learned to use prezi.Now,i believe that i will use it easily in my all project.It’s design much more beautiful than powerpoint and very interesting,i will advice it to my other friends….


last week i wasn’t at the lesson,teacher had talked about  our final projects and Prezi,i didn’t have any idea about prezi,i will search it,but i estimate that it is a website provides us making slide.i added my name to my final project group and now i will begin to try to use Prezi,Good luck to all you guys 🙂

Mobile learning!!!

hello,guys last week we learned about mobile learning,i think it is a good information for those who have expensive last trend mobile phones.people can do every special or general things over some programmes,we learned about 20 programme names at this lesson,but my phone is not a good technological device yet to use these programmes,so i hope to buy a good one at the future and then begin to use them to use facebook,twitter,some dictionaries,searching engines….